37 thoughts on “My Digital Footprint

  1. Have you been to the GHS showing of “The Beauty and the Beast”? I haven’t, but Claire says it was awesome! 🙂

    P.S. Fluffy the Chick is SO ANNOYING!!!!

  2. No, I axctullj didn’t. If I chose to be silly then let me. I’ll go to school for the rest of the week, like I do when I hand around mj friends that don’t go here. Just watch.

  3. I knew that you were just being silly, but I decided that you would just evade me again. And what do you mean “watch you” attend school?

  4. Jou’ll find out. Trust me, I fell like goffing off at school because I know that I can goff off and still pass everj class. It doesn’t matter to me if I studj.

  5. What? “Goff” off??? Yes, I understand that you can still pass in every class (which is probably why you got moved to advanced classes..), and good for you! It’s kind of the same with me: the reason I do “well” in school is because if my brain understands something, then the understanding comes complete in a rush. Not a trickle of little by little understanding, but a rush. That’s why learning comes easily to me. And, also, I don’t just want to pass; I want to EXCEL!!!

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